Sub-Surface Uncertainties Analysis (SUA)

Technical  Stream A


• Horizon interpretation

• Amplitude mapping

• Cross-plotting

• Processing arbitrary paths

• Amplitude enhancement

• Processing to remove noise

• Anisotropy estimation

Technical  Stream B


• Velocity model review and scrutiny

• Well constrained tomography to match wells to seismic

• Well planning

• Update of velocity model “on fly” to assure the targets

Technical  Stream C


• Estimation of Uncertainty on prospects

• Drill ready seismic and velocity models

• Pore pressure studies

• Assignment of Uncertainties on key shallow markers


Technical  Stream D


• Stochastic estimation of volumetrics

• Monte Carlo simulations to predict fluctuations in top reservoir

• Automatic spill point detection

• Multiple spill point analysis/GWC/OWC

• Amplitude conformance volumetrics

Technical  Stream E


• 3D velocity model and seismic from old vintage 2D data

• Conditioning of vintage 2D seismic and velocity models


Technical  Stream F


• Training on HIIP, Petrel & VELPRO

• 3-4 days courses focus on property modelling, velocity modelling and uncertainty analysis