Assisting operators in the digital transformation


  • Integrated Subsurface Studies

    • Sub-Surface Uncertainties Analysis (SUA) >>> read more

    • Seismic interpretation and geological mapping

    • Geomechanics >>> read more

    • Petrophysical log interpretation and reservoir characterization.

    • Reserves estimation and classification >>> read more

    • Static and Dynamic Reservoir Modeling

    • Well Testing (Planning, Supervision, Interpretation)

    • Fluid Characterization

    • Core Analysis and Rock Typing

    • Decline Curve Analysis

    • Guidelines and Peer Reviews

    • Field Development Planning and Optimization

    • IOR-EOR Assessment

    • Capital Planning, Economic Analysis and Risk Assessment

  • Integrated Production Modeling (Petex suite of software)

    • Surface Network Modeling

    • Production allocation,

    • Production optimization and forecasting

  • Digital Oilfield (Petex, OVS)

    • Production Surveillance and Monitoring

    • Realtime optimization

    • Workflow Automation​


  • Well Engineering

    • Well Modeling (concept screening)

    • Smart well design (horizontal, multilateral)

    • Inflow Control Valve modeling

    • Well Completion Basis Of Design

    • Tubing Size and Material Selection

    • Tubing Stress Analysis

    • Artificial Lift Design and Sand Control

    • Completion and Work-over program

    • Well Stimulation design

    • Advanced Hydraulic fracture Modeling

  • Drilling Engineering

    • ​​Well Blowout and kill modeling

    • Well Plan & Drilling Program

    • Well Integrity Management

    • Feasibility Study and Cost estimate

    • Drilling optimization

  • Training​ 

    • Oil and Gas Reserve estimation >>> read more

    • Integrated Production Modeling 

    • Reservoir Static and Dynamic Modeling

    • Property modelling, velocity modelling and uncertainty analysis >>> read more



IPCOS, headquartered in Belgium, is a global leader in the design and implementation of Digital Oilfield Solutions.

IPCOS specializes in integrating and customizing leading software products to create solutions.

Typically these solutions focus on integrating data management, workflow, and visualization platforms to enable assets to work in a collaborative manner to enable accurate and faster decisions be made to achieve new levels of operational excellence.​

ovs logo.jpg

OVS Group is a software and services company dedicated to optimizing assets through its configurable software framework.

OVS Group provides integration and automated workflow solutions for oil and gas clients operating in conventional and unconventional plays worldwide. As a software and services company, they are dedicated to delivering technology and process innovation. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, they have operations across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. They service energy industry clients ranging from global super-majors to small independents and specialize in virtual data integration, workflow automation, and asset management.


maillance provides a unique combination of physics and AI analytics to achieve high-performance predictions in cloud-native software.

The suite of “cloud-native” applications combines geoscience and engineering principles into a fit-for-purpose machine learning simulator to automate a petroleum engineer’s workflow.

Sofoil provides services of wells / inter-well space diagnostics and development of recommendations for increasing the efficiency of the oilfield development process.

The analytical work of the campaign is based on the results of wells and inter-well space, analysis of the development history, numerical modeling of the reservoir and methodological tools for localizing residual oil and methods for their extraction.

The campaign uses highly sensitive downhole gauges and modern mathematical models to interpret well data and integrate them into 3D model.