Integrated Production System Modeling

Integrated Production Modeling (also known as Integrated Asset modeling) is the modeling of both the subsurface and the surface elements of field development. In order to capture the interaction between those standalone models, a more integrated approach can provide a complete picture of the asset from the reservoirs, wells, gathering pipelines and processing plants.

IPM has now been adopted by many major operators worldwide for field development planning, asset optimization, production allocation, system debottlenecking, and reserve booking. 


Some of the benefits of IPM including but not limited to following:


  • Optimizing Pipeline sizing (rout, ID, insulation level etc). 

  • Optimizing Injection scenarios (rate, pressure, timing).

  • Optimizing the well/field sequencing (drill when needed).

  • Optimizing Reservoir offtake strategy.

  • Optimizing the compression in the system 

  • Optimizing well scenarios/configurations (e.g. big-bore wells vs. horizontal wells).

IPM can also be used as a field management tool and evaluating what/if scenarios such as: 

  • Evaluating Well/pipeline shut down

  • Evaluating future expansions

  • Production allocation

  • Virtual metering

  • Well test scheduling



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