Geomechanics Services

With extended teaching, research and consulting experience both from academic and industry positions, our geomechanics experts provide the following consulting services to optimize drilling, completion and production operations in the petroleum industry:


  • Design and Supervision of Rock Mechanics Testing

  • Geomechanical Image Analysis

  • Geomechanical Model Building

  • Wellbore Stability Analysis

  • Fault and Fracture Stability Analysis

  • Sanding Prediction and Mitigation

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Optimization and Investigation

  • Reservoir Compaction, Subsidence and Casing Damage

  • Industry Training and Short Courses  


Hydraulic Fracturing Optimization and Investigation

With extensive research and industry project experience, our hydraulic fracturing experts provide hydraulic fracture modeling services: 

  1. to characterize stress, pore pressure, reservoir permeability and formation leak-off coefficient from micro- and mini-fracturing data (usually known as DFIT analysis);

  2. to achieve pay-zone-confined, productive fractures by optimizing well trajectory, horizontal well placement, perforation interval,  treatment schedule and fracture stages by integrating accurate geomechanics, efficient production prediction and life-of-the well economics analysis;

  3. to establish the causes of lower than predicted production by conducting accurate pressure matching and production matching simulations integrating accurate geomechanics and efficient production modelling;

  4. to conduct a technical and economic feasibility study of tight and unconventional field development by hydraulic fracturing; 

  5. to predict fracture growth and injection system capacity for long-term water or slurry injection (e.g. produced water re-injection, water injection for reservoir pressure maintenance and drill-cuttings and other waste injection).