Browse Energy pty. ltd.

We are an independent oil and gas engineering company, based in Perth, Australia. We provide a wide range of consulting services to support oil and gas companies.

We have extensive international experience with proven track records of delivering high quality work.

Our Promise

Providing services at the highest level of quality and building successful, enduring partnerships with all our clients.


Our Values

We strive to deliver transparent and confident advice to our client at all time.


Our Visions

Our goal is to be a reputable, progressive and innovative consulting firm that consistently provides the most competitive and highest level of service to our clients. We are committed to drive our projects by employing proven processes and systems, working pragmatically and systematically.


Our experts have many years of experience delivering high quality works for clients in major oil companies. Some of the recent projects our engineers have supported are as below:



ConocoPhillips, Australia, Barossa IPM review


UGS Dynamic Simulation for Victoria Government, Australia, 2018


Santos, Australia, Phase 2 Infill Drilling Campaign Assessment for VanGogh Oil Field


OMV/Shell New Zealand,

Integrated Production Model Construction for Maui and Pohokura Fields and Benchmarking Against Shell Platform, 


INPEX operations Australia

Ichthys Integrated Asset Modelling, Development planning



ConocoPhillips, Australia, Browse Basin Project

Integrated Production Modeling,  feasibility study and production forecasting



Our experts have the valuable experience and worked for major operators:

Woodside, Australia, NWS Project, GWF1

Well test review, well modeling and preparing a well-operating guideline

Shell Australia, NWS & Gorgon project

Integrated Asset Modelling, production optimization and forecasting, model review and improvement

Vermillion Australia, Wandoo project

Reservoir simulation, gas cap management 

ConocoPhillips, Australia, Bayu Undan Project

Well test validation, fluid characterization, Integrated Production Modelling, production forecasting


Woodside, Australia, Pluto & Browse Project

Integrated Production Modelling, production Optimization and Forecasting, fluid characterization,



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