Companies we have recently worked for:

PE Wheatstone, Australia, 2020

Wheatstone and Iago Reservoirs models review 

Oil Search, Australia, 2019-2020

PNG’s Agogo: Static and Dynamic Model Construction and Calibration to assess Infill drilling opportunities.

Western Gas, Australia, 2019

Equus Project: Reviewing and rebuilding 4 dynamic reservoir models  for phase1 development plan,

Reviewing and rebuilding the integrated production mode

ConocoPhillips, Australia, 2019

Barossa Project: Reviewing the Integrated Production Model (PROSPER, GAP, Resolve, Eclipse)

Victoria Government, Australia, 2018-2019

Underground Gas Storage Dynamic Simulation

Santos, Australia, 2018

VanGogh Project: Phase 2 Infill Drilling Campaign Assessment for VanGogh Oil Field

INPEX operations, Australia, 2017-2019

Ichthys LNG: Integrated Production Modelling, production optimization and forecasting and providing support to field development concept select

OMV, New Zealand, 2018-2019

Maui and Pohokura Fields: providing support for model migration from Shell to OMV, constructing integrated production model (PROSPER, GAP, RESOLVE, ECLIPSE)

Woodside, Australia, 2016-2017

Tidepole Project: providing production readiness support

Constructing Smart Well models (Prosper and GAP) and preparing well Operating envelopes and guidelines

ConocoPhillips, Australia, 2016-2017

Browse Basin: constructing the integrated model (PROSPER, GAP, MBAL, RESOLVE), providing production forecasting, sensitivity analysis to support field development concept select


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