Drilling Optimization

Browse Energy provides a proven and cost-effective real-time drilling optimization to operators from RTOC design to post drilling analytics.  Our unique process-based “Pro-Active Drilling Optimisation” is a continuous improvement approach;


  • At the planning phase before drilling.   Using inputs from Formation, Rig, Identified Risks, Lessons Learned, Technology, Drilling System, and Management into Predictive Modelling Software to simulate the drilling environment and introduce optimized engineering solutions. 


  • At the drilling phase. A “Digital Twin” of the drilling environment is created by imposing actual Real-Time Data from Surface and Subsurface on the optimized Predictive Models to proactively “Listen to the Well” through continuously monitoring and analyzing trends to prevent/reduce failures (NPT) and continuously improving process (ILT).  Emerging unidentified risks are effectively communicated with recommended solutions/mitigations (ALARP).


  • At the post drilling phase EOWR deliverables; Post Run/Post Well Analyses are systematically carried out to gauge performance, identify and document best practices and opportunities for improvements, make conclusions and recommendations.