Founded in Perth, Western Australia, we’re providing Petroleum Engineering Services at the highest level of quality and building successful, enduring partnerships with all our clients. We strive to deliver transparent and confident advice to our clients at all time and we work extensively with our partners in complementing our services.

The name Browse Energy, comes from Australia’s Browse Super-basin. It is located offshore Western Australia, approximately 425 km north of Broome. The basin continues to be a premier exploration target and four hydrocarbon families/petroleum systems have been identified. In 2018, two main hydrocarbon accumulations, Ichthys and Prelude, commenced production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and condensate by INPEX and Shell. Also, Woodside’s Browse project is Australia's largest untapped conventional gas resource.

Our experts have proudly worked on some of these world-class projects including:

  • Integrated Production Modeling for Woodside’s Browse Project and supporting development concept select

  • Integrated Production Modeling for INPEX’s Ichthys Project and supporting development concept select

  • Integrated Production Modeling for ConocoPhillips’ Browse Basin Project and supporting development concept select

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Our Promise

Providing services at the highest level of quality and building successful, enduring partnerships with all our clients.

Our Values

We strive to deliver transparent and confident advice to our clients at all times.

Our Visions

Our goal is to be a reputable, progressive and innovative consulting firm that consistently provides the most competitive and highest level of service to our clients. We are committed to driving our projects by employing proven processes and systems, working pragmatically and systematically.


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Ashkan Dadpou

Principal Petroleum Engineer

Managing Director

Ashkan is an expert in Integrated Production System Modelling and Digital Oilfield (DOF), model calibration to production data, coupling surface to subsurface models, developing production logic (workflow), production optimization and forecasting, dynamic reservoir modeling and reserve estimate, 

He has been in various consulting positions with Woodside, Shell, ConocoPhillips, INPEX and OMV.  

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Martin Storey

Senior Petrophysicist Consultant

Martin has over 25 years of international experience in the oil and gas industry with Schlumberger, Shell International. His specialties are Petrophysics, data management, operations, integrated team work, training and mentoring.


Siamak Mishani, PhD

Drilling Engineer Consultant

Siamak has diversified experience, in drilling engineering and well services supervision. He has solid knowledge in drilling data analysis, well control, hydraulic modelling, solid control system, cutting transportation and wellbore instability studies. Having a good technical background of rig equipment design and manufacturing and drilling data acquisition systems.


Yaser Abdy

Principal Reservoir Engineer

Business Development Manager

Yaser has over 15 years oil and gas experience in operator, service and consulting environments with expertise in reservoir study, reserve estimation, formation evaluation, dynamic modeling, well and reservoir management, well test analysis and design, core and fluid analysis, nodal analysis, IOR/EOR design and implementation, production and EOR surveillance and integrated asset modeling.

Previously worked for Schlumberger, he has been involved in over 20 field developments. 

He is a certified instructor of Eclipse/Petrel and INTERSECT. 


Benedict Alamiyo

Geoscientist Consultant

Ben is a professional geoscientist with over 20 years of work experience. He is proficient in Petrel, Kingdom, RFD tNavigator, DUG Insight. He's experienced in Petrophysical log interpretation, Sequence stratigraphic Formation correlation, Seismic structural and sequence stratigraphic interpretation, Geological mapping and cross-section construction, 3D Static Reservoir geomodelling, volume estimation, and uncertainties analysis, Identification of infill development scope and well trajectory planning.


Taisir Shanableh,

Drilling Optimization Advisor

Taisir has more than 35 years of international technical and managerial experience in Australasian, European, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Asian offshore and onshore operations. He's expert in Drilling Operations & Tools, Drilling Engineering Analyses, predictive Modelling and design Optimisation, Drill String Integrity (Vibrations) and Hydraulics Management, Formation Mechanics and Borehole Stability, Petroleum Exploration Geology & Geophysics, Real-Time Drilling Operations Optimization Solutions​. He is a Global Technical Instructor in drilling domain.


Suresh Satiavan

Reservoir Engineer Consultant

Suresh has extensive experience in Integrated Asset Modelling, production optimization, and forecasting. He is experienced in reservoir simulation (Eclipse/tNavigator), Well Blow-out Modeling and Well Kill plan, flow assurance studies and cost estimation.   


Nathan Tarom, PhD

Well Completion Consultant

Nathan is a Well Completion Engineer with over 20 years of work experience in the oil and gas industry. He is experienced in coordinating and supervising well completion operations, workover plans, well intervention operations and well abandonment.

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Khalil Rahman, PhD

Geomechanics Advisor

Dr. Khalil Rahman worked for 20 years in different academic positions and conducted extensive research and consulting in petroleum geomechanics with major focus on hydraulic fracturing. He joined Helix RDS in 2007 (acquired by Baker Hughes in 2009). He successfully delivered more than 65 industry consulting projects focusing on field development studies, hydraulic fracture optimization and wellbore stability analysis to support well drilling, completion, stimulation and production operations. In his final role in Baker Hughes, he was a Geomechanics Advisor and Hydraulic Fracturing Subject Matter Expert in the Asia Pacific Region.

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Manish Agarwal

Snr Reservoir Geophysicist

Manish has over 25 years of experience in exploration & field development. Areas of expertise include regional & field scale data integration, seismic and well data interpretation & geophysical support for field development & drilling. Full cycle of seismic data acquisition, seismic processing & Q.I. & interpretation. He is experienced in new ventures & exploration, risk mitigation & data management and also is an expert user of G&G software such as Petrel, Paradigm, Geoteric & Paleoscan.